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Occupational Medicine & Workers' Compensation

Employers need employees that are healthy. That is the goal of both occupational medicine and workers' compensation. Urgent care centers often play a part in both medical areas.

 Occupational medicine

The goal of occupational medicine is to promote and support the health of workers in any occupation. This includes preventing injuries related to work and protection from risks that could cause injury in the work place. One part of this is to screen potential employees before the company hires them to make sure they are ready to do the job.

Urgent care centers perform a couple of critical occupational medicine activities:

 Workers' Compensation

Injuries happen on the job. That is where workers' compensation comes in. By law, most employers must carry workers' compensation insurance to cover their employees. This insurance helps cover any medical costs related to the injury and helps to cover lost wages for when the employee is out of work due to the injury.

Urgent care centers offer workers' compensation care:

If you need an urgent care center to handle your occupational medicine and workers' compensation needs, contact us here at OC Urgent Care. We work with employers of all sizes to handle their immediate needs. Call us today.